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Recruitment fever! Guangbo into Zhenfeng, Yilong recruitment
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After the Spring Festival is the recruitment season. At this node, the recruitment of Guangbo Group also opened the prelude. On February 13 and 14, Guangbo followed the Haishu enterprise recruitment team into Zhenfeng county and Yilong new area in Guizhou, attracting a large number of local people and job seekers to apply for jobs.

In this recruitment, Guangbo has provided nearly 100 front-line operation positions including general engineer, printing captain and folding captain. On the 13th, although people in Zhenfeng county are still immersed in the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival, in the recruitment scene of Zhenfeng county, there are still a large number of people come to consult and sign up. On the 14th, at the scene of the recruitment of Yilong new area, is the same. In half of a day, there are more than 50 people has applied for registration. In order to let the local people and applicant to better understand the company situation,Guangbo especially arranged relevant personnel at the scene to introduce Guangbo’s specific situation and related contents of the work. And show that the company has already arranged the transporting line, prepared the articles for daily use, such as quilt and sheet. Successful applicants only need to carry bags to work.

It is understood that Guangbo recruited more than 20 local employees in Zhenfeng and Yilong before the new year. It has accumulated public praise through word of mouth. This time, Guangbo had better effect in two job fairs. The employment intention was reached with 100 people in two days.

In recent years, Guangbo actively responded to the call of Haishu district committee and district government, and actively provided various kinds of employment opportunities for the people in southwest Guizhou. At the same time, it gave skills training, effectively assisted the local people to increase income and create income. In the next step, Guangbo will continue to increase the support for southwest Guizhou, and make contributions to narrowing the regional development gap.

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